Last year, we made some changes to the way that we brew over at our original site, The Old Flax Store. Once we’d grown out of this site initially, The Old Flax Store was used for brewing occasional special releases as well as supporting production at Sydenham Road. However, in May 2020, we launched The Old Flax Store Projects, and gave this brewery a new lease of life. The site became our hub for innovation, where we focus on small batch beers that highlight unique, quality ingredients and processes, learning as much as we can with each beer that we brew. The operation is overseen by Adam Lyle (Ads), who was the third employee to join our ranks back in 2014. He describes the OFS Projects below:

“We focused entirely on the beer, and the experience that can be found within a can. We changed our approach and threw out the usual rule book. A stripped back can design listing ingredients and numbers, instead of names, allowed the beer to do the talking. Focusing on the liquid itself allowed us to really explore all that a beer can be.”


We’re incredibly proud of the beers that we’ve produced in the series so far, and the experiences that have been created. So, in 2021, we’re expanding the Projects further. After a year of lockdowns and travel restrictions, we’re hitting the road.

“One thing truly close to our hearts is traveling and exploring, and experiencing all that can be found in the world. So, we decided to travel the globe via the OFS Projects, bringing all it has to offer from the corner of Leeds that we call home!”

Each month, we’ll be creating beers inspired by different countries. We’re going to be exploring traditional and historic beer styles, focusing in on local brewing techniques. Immersing ourselves in culinary experiences from different regions, we’re looking to celebrate some of the world’s most famous and unusual ingredients through creative brewing. As the brain behind the expeditions, we asked Ads for a scoop on the first stop of our global itinerary…

“The first stop is a country close to my heart, and the destination of perhaps the best trip me and Vas (Ads’ partner and Northern Monk’s Sales Distribution Manager) have had to date: Japan. Japan has an amazing food culture. From sweet to savoury, Japan has some of the most truly unique offerings in the world, and its focus on shokunin (excellence) is truly an inspiration”

We’re stoked to take you on this beer adventure, and can’t wait to see where it leads…