Thought Bubble is the UK’s Biggest Comic Art Festival. A week-long celebration of comics taking place across Yorkshire, ending with a giant comic convention at Harrogate Convention Centre in November. Based in Leeds, Thought Bubble works year round to promote the medium of comics and create opportunities and support for the comics community. Throughout the series, we’ll be featuring artwork from different classic comics, to showcase the diversity and variety of U.K. comic art and celebrate what is the U.K.’s biggest Comic Art Festival right here in Yorkshire.

  • 33.01 JOCK // 2000 AD // REBELLION

    DDH IPA // 7.4%

  • 33.02 TULA LOTAY

    DDH IPA // 7.0%

  • 33.03 SAJAN RAI

    DDH IPA // 7.0%

  • 33.04 ALEX NORRIS

    DDH IPA // 7.0%

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