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Festival season is certainly in full swing, and with festival season kicking into gear, so too does the opportunity for one of our favourite parts of our industry – collaborating with the very best in the country and inviting some of brewing’s brightest minds to North Wales to share their tips, techniques and tricks to help improve our own beers. Our friendship with Northern Monk extends back several years at this point; we were lucky enough to be considered good enough with our pale and hoppy output to earn a spot at Hop City not once but twice, and we’ve found them to be an endless source of advice as an elder brewery that have taken on pretty much everything across their existence. Having taken part in their renowned Patrons Project series of beers when we visited Leeds for Hop City two years ago, we were due a return leg and boy have we gone all out on Flutter & Fade. Influenced by Northern Monk’s own Tank Petrol series, we’ve amplified absolutely everything to the max on this beer – a triple IPA more than generously, almost stupidly hopped with 28g/l of El Dorado, Mosaic, Simcoe and Strata on the cold side, this beer is positively bursting at the seams with tropical mango, tangerine, blueberry, passionfruit and apricot notes, balanced by a hot side addition of Cascade to prevent things falling into cloyingly sweet territory. Insane.

"Brewed in collaboration with NORTHERN MONK"


10.0% ABV // 440ML

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