We have released three new beers into pubs inspired by some of the most popular pub snacks in the UK, to launch Faith in Boozers.

The beers will be available at 22 pubs across the country (full list below) with all profits from the beers being passed to the bars. 

There will be a Scampi & Lemon Pale Ale, inspired by the iconic scampi fries; a Pork Scratching Best Bitter; and a Dry Roasted Peanut Stout.

The beers were initially announced as an April Fools joke on April 1st, but now we can reveal that the beers are real, going into cask and kegs, and the idea behind the Faith in Boozers campaign.

Russell Bisset, Co-Founder, said: “The ultimate pub snack is one of our favourite topics around the brewery; we even ran a tournament on our Instagram to see what other people think and try and settle the debate – pretzel pieces won. Brian Dickson, our Technical Director and Co-Founder, decided we should try and replicate some of our favourites in a beer.

“Pubs, and breweries, have had a really tough few years with the pandemic, navigating guidelines, rising costs and changes in consumer habits, but there’s a real love for the pub and all profits from the beers will be passed to them. We hope people will be curious to try the beers, head to a local with them on and give them a go – maybe with a bag of the snacks themselves alongside.”

The beers are also available in a very limited can run on our website from 6pm on Monday 17 April. But the only way to guarantee trying these is from the below pubs on cask or keg.