This initiative aims to provide all beer venues with a strong statement, and it’s a statement that we, as Monks, whole-heartedly believe in. A statement that ensures that everyone who walks through the door is welcome regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, health, religion, age, disability, or any other defining characteristics.

Northern Monk has a zero-tolerance discrimination policy. All Monks, and all of our customers, must treat everybody fairly and equally. Everybody is welcome at our table. We want all Northern Monk spaces, both workplaces and customer venues, to be safe, enjoyable, and comfortable places for all. Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated.

The Everyone Welcome Initiative is:

  1. Northern Monk will not accept any form of discrimination on any grounds including, but not limited to, gender, sexuality, race, religion or belief, social class, health, age, or disability.
  2. Northern Monk will exclude people who discriminate against anyone in this, or any other of our sites, on any grounds.
  3. Customers, visitors, volunteers, participating breweries, or Northern Monk staff engaging in conversations involving derogatory comments, words, or phrases that we feel are discriminatory, or that make our members of staff, visitors, or volunteers feel uncomfortable, are not welcome.
  4. We will not make or stock any products with sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or any other discriminatory branding.
  5. We will always seek to protect our staff, visitors, customers, and guests. In the event of any form of discrimination or concern for safety at Dark & Wild City, please talk to a member of our staff or Management who can be found on either Northern Monk bar, the ticket tent, merch stand, or can be identified by the radio headset they will be wearing. They will offer you discrete help and ensure your wellbeing. If you witness an instance of discrimination at a Northern Monk workplace, please inform a member of the Management Team immediately.
  6. Any reported incidents of the above will be addressed by Dark & Wild City’s Management Team who will act in the interests of safety and inclusivity.
  7. All breweries and volunteers must sign and agree to the Everyone Welcome Initiative in order to participate in Dark & Wild City.
  8. During the festival, the ticket tent is the designated Safety Point with security and Northern Monk staff on duty throughout the sessions. If you or someone you are with is feeling unwell, uncomfortable, or would like to raise a concern, you are welcome at any point to come to the Safety Point.
  9. We seek to make all Northern Monk spaces as accessible as possible. If you identify anything that we could improve, please know that your feedback is very welcome, and we will always do our best to act on it. Please send any suggestions to, including details of which Northern Monk site you’re suggesting an idea for.
  10. If you feel any of our staff or volunteers at Dark & Wild City, or members of management at a Northern Monk workplace haven’t met your concerns with sufficient urgency, please report this to Sarah Yates as soon as possible by emailing


Our festival wristbands remind us all to be excellent to each other.  Together, we can make sure that Dark & Wild City, our Refectory, and workspace are safe places for all.