Our Patrons Projects

Northern Monk Patrons is an initiative set up to foster collaboration, creativity and community between artists, athletes and creatives across the North. Through the cross-pollination of ideas, we treat each Patrons Project as a curated, immersive experience, with everything from the recipe and ingredients used, to the can design, carefully chosen to reflect each individual Patron.

Each Patrons Project contains 7 beers. Each beer features limited edition packaging artwork, and information about the collaboration on the reverse of the peel-and-reveal label.

Each Patrons Project beer is limited availability, and only brewed for a short period of time. The Patrons Society is our monthly delivery service that allows all subscribers to receive every Patrons Project beer that’s released within the month. Patrons Society subscriptions are closed for the time being, keep an eye on our social media channels to find out when we’re opening more places.

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