Our beer is brewed across two sites in Leeds. The first is our original brewery at the Old Flax Store, this is where we began our journey in 2014, and is home to our LDS Refectory tap room. We expanded into our second much larger brewery, Sydenham Road, in April 2017. Between both sites we can brew up to 18 beers at a time. Meet our brew team here, and read more about each site below.


The Old Flax Store is a Grade II listed building located in Holbeck, the spiritual heart of the industrial revolution. In 2014 we turned this derelict mill into a brewery, tap room and events space. This building is home to our first brewery, which takes up the ground floor of the building. Much of the beer on tap in Northern Monk Refectory LDS is brewed on the floor below, which means that you’re drinking the freshest beer that we can serve. We host tours at this brewery, tickets can be purchased here.


Our second brewing site is also located in Holbeck, half a mile away at Sydenham Road, where we have 41 fermenters of various brewing capacity. This enables our total capacity at this site to reach around 65,000 HL. Sydenham Road is also home to our 12-fill head, 6000 can per hour Monoblock rotary canning machine that was installed at the end of 2018. The increases in capacity and installation of the new canning line at this site allowed us to increase both the quantity and quality of our beer. We have the capacity to pack 900-1,000 HL per week.