Creating innovative beers & drinks, delivering exceptional experiences.  

Constantly refreshing our mindsets. Freshness can be angled in many different forms at Northern Monk, but the focal points would be to consistently innovate, maintain & create fresh ideas- from people, venue & drinks which are all rooted
in providing the best experiences at every opportunity.

Everyone is welcome at our table.

We recognise the challenges around diversity in our industry. We are on a mission to foster a culture and working environment that reflects the diverse communities we call home. We celebrate the backgrounds of our team and our community ensuring, regardless of background everyone has a voice in the conversation and is valued.

We lean in. We triumph against the odds. We keep the Faith.

Throughout the years, there have undoubtably been challenges that have felt bigger than us. But we always come out the other end, from having a commitment to honesty and a tenacity to get stuff done. We aren’t afraid of hard work or trying something outlandish and will also support those willing to push boundaries. We are a dynamic company full of spirited people.

We listen, we learn, we respect. 

We always aim with intention to bring people together and actively listen- questioning how we operate, acknowledging mistakes without blame, yet not
losing sight of our ambition to grow. Ultimately, ensuring our actions match
our words.

We embrace our people and our planet. 

The monk community is the beating heart of our company. They say “It takes a village to raise a child” we know it is only through our collective endeavours
that our company will continue to prosper. We have strength in numbers. We are
active participants in our wider communities at a geographical, creative and
environmental level. We use our platform to nurture those around us.