This policy and procedure has been written to ensure that Northern Monk is upholding the standards that we set for ourselves. In addition, we want to ensure that our recruitment meets our diversity and inclusion goals and supports the strategic aims of the company. This policy applies to all roles at Northern Monk.


We commit to take the time to hire the best, ensuring that we hold diversity and inclusion at the forefront of our decision making. Whilst there will be non-negotiables, we believe in making space for the committed, who agree with our values and fit with our culture. At Northern Monk culture fit does not mean “like us”, but “with us”. Ultimately, we are looking for those who have faith in our mission to create the best beer experiences in the world and believe that there is always more room to grow in stature as we grow in scale.

We are always encouraged to hear about candidates’ interest in working with Northern Monk. We are committed to remaining honest and open throughout the application process and will endeavour to ensure candidates are kept up to date throughout.


Below are the steps that we will follow when recruiting for a new member of the team. The points below are unchanging and consistent across recruitment for all roles.

1. A job description and person specification will be written for each role. This will also be passed through a Gender Decoder.

2. The role will then be uploaded to our website, the below must be included:

  • Job description
  • Person specification
  • Closing date
  • Location
  • Diversity and Inclusion statement

All roles will be advertised for a minimum of 2 weeks.

3. The role will be advertised on our social media platforms and website, and where possible, job advertising boards which reach the underrepresented groups at Northern Monk.

4. All applications will be sent to HR. The applications will be adjusted by HR to remove the applicants name and any information which would indicate the gender, age, religion, familial status, sexuality or race. Applications will then be reviewed by the interview panel and a selection made to invite to interview.

5. Interviews – the number of interview rounds will vary depending on the role; however, we are committed to at least one round of interviews for each role. We commit to the following guidelines where possible for each interview;

  • At least 2 people on the panel, including a representative from HR, the recruiting manager and a member of the Senior Leadership Team where possible. The same people will interview all candidates at each stage, however additional interviewers may be added to the panel.
  • At least 50% of the interview panel must be made up of people from the groups which are underrepresented at Northern Monk.
  • At interview stage candidates will be scored on both culture and experience.

6. Following the necessary interviews, a decision will be made by the panel about the successful candidate and an offer will be made. The votes from each member of the panel are of equal weight.


  1. To ensure the application process is accessible to all.
  2. To ensure candidates feel welcome, safe and respected throughout the process and throughout all means of communication.
  3. To train current employees who will be involved thoroughly on the process, best practice and Diversity and Inclusion.
  4. To ensure our recruitment aligns with our diversity goals.
  5. To remain open to feedback at all stages, and actively seek it as the process concludes.