We believe that growing in stature facilitates our mission to create the best beer experiences in the world. Two measures of our stature are the diversity of our workforce and how included all people feel. We have committed to set new diversity goals each year on gender, ability, race, religion, sexuality, identity and experience.

We hire the best and strive to reflect the diversity of the North in our team at Northern Monk. Everyone is welcome as we build on our heritage for a collaborative future. Beer is boundary-less and we have set our sights on a community that is too.


This policy applies to all individuals employed at Northern Monk and is in line with the legal framework for diversity and inclusion. All employees are responsible for upholding this policy and procedure. HR is responsible for the implementation of this policy and the wider diversity and inclusion strategy. Any questions regarding this policy are to be passed to the HR Co-Ordinator.


We believe that diversity is recognising difference and valuing the uniqueness of each individual. All individuals in the Northern Monk community should be treated with respect.

We believe that to be diverse we should represent the community in the North that we are a part of.

We believe that our workforce should be equipped to support our diversity goals, in order to ensure that this is the case we will provide annual diversity and inclusion training.

We believe that inclusion is making a space for diversity in the workplace, ensuring all employees feel valued and heard.

We believe all members of staff should be held to account on these values. Any actions which oppose these values will be addressed quickly and in line with the disciplinary procedure.

We commit to holding a quarterly Diversity & Inclusion Forum, to elevate the voices of the underrepresented groups at Northern Monk and to work towards greater inclusion and diversity. This forum is also a place to promote and ensure that the decisions made relating to this policy are in line with its goals and are transparent in nature.