Home brewers! Put down the mince pies, fire the kit up, our Homebrew Heroes competition is back!

For so many craft breweries in the UK and beyond, home brewing is where it all began. We started in a basement in Bradford! Homebrew Heroes is our search for the best of home brewing, celebrating people’s craft and ingenuity, highlighting how incredible beer born of a humble setup can be. It’s one of the ways that we want support the beer community that we value so much. 

Now we can announce that Homebrew Heroes 5 if here!

Get your beers made at scale with us at the brewery, get your beer released to the public and poured at our Hop City festival!

Here’s your brief:

ABV: 5.0-8.4%

IPA Style: Open, any ale-yeast fermented IPA (NE, West Coast, black, red, English, take your pick!), but no wild yeast.

Hops: NOT Citra or Mosaic!

Beer will be judged by members of the Monk brewing, quality and brand teams on the following criteria: Appearance, Aroma, Flavour, Scalability. Please include brewsheet with submission.

Bottle size 330ml - 500ml please submit 2 bottles. Bottle size over 500ml, submit 1 bottle.

Please send your submissions to:

FAO Celia Hudson

Homebrew Heroes

Northern Monk Brewing Co Ltd

Unit 7, Sydenham Road, Leeds, LS11 9RU 

Deadline is 8th March 2024, and the winner will be invited to brew the beer with us on a date in early April 2024.

We will also be launching an artists’ competition for the artwork in the new year as well! Look out for details in January.