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In 2017 we funded and coordinated ‘True North’, a street art mural by Northern Monk Patrons Nomad Clan and Tank Petrol, alongside support from Leeds 2023 and CEG. The artwork was painted on a derelict, industrial building in Holbeck, and pays homage to the history and heritage of the area.

In the 19th century Holbeck developed into an industrial powerhouse, with the ironworks hosting the manufacture of steam engines and machinery. The area was home to other flagship factories such as Matthew Murray’s Round Foundry which built Middleton Railway’s first steam locomotive, Tower Works pin factory, and of course, John Marshall’s Mill. The Old Flax Store, the home of our Leeds-based tap room and original brewery site, was used to store the flax for John Marshalls mill in the 1800s.

True North is a celebration of Holbeck’s rich industrial history. The two men captured in the artwork are John Marshall and ‘Jimmy Boy’. John Marshall was the owner of Temple Mill, once the largest flax mill in England, and Jimmy Boy is a very personal piece of work for Nomad Clan, as it’s a tribute to Hayley from Nomad Clan’s grandfather, who worked in the mills himself.

This is one of the biggest street art pieces in the North, is well-loved by the community and clearly visible to all trains coming into Leeds. This is what it looks like now.

We knew that this was going to happen at some point, however it’s still sad to see it taken down. True North was our way of giving back to the area’s industrial past. We’ve been assured that the artwork will be reincarnated on hoardings around the area whilst the redevelopment is taking place though.

Looking at the bigger picture, Holbeck is about to get a 350m development, including a 40-storey residential tower and hundreds of new homes. This will massively boost the economy of our local community, and it’s great to know that Holbeck is finally getting the investment and recognition it deserves. We’re confident that the building partners will do their best to ensure that the rich culture of history and industry evident throughout this area isn’t lost.

To celebrate the creation of the art, we brewed City of Industry, a DDH IPA and the third beer in Nomad Clan’s Patrons Project series. It now seems only right to rebrew this beer one more time. Look out for it releasing soon.

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